The transfer of the blog from Wordpress proved pretty easy. I had a brief moment of panic until I figured out how to do a proper 301 redirect to add the word "posts" to all the links out there pointing to my old site. Please let me know if you find any dead links.

I like this readymade template from Squarespace -- TAKK by Krystyn Heide -- but I'm thinking of bumping up the point size.  These old eyes.

The only other issues I'm seeing are some minor text formatting problems and some embedded videos that didn't make the trip over from Wordpress and Posterous. It appears that the import didn't handle the Posterous slide shows properly, either. But that is O.K. Most of those pictures were low quality snapshots.

I also switched This Old Book back to a simple link to Tumblr, because I can't figure out an easy workflow that will let me host it here and on Tumblr. I'll have to think about that some more. I may kill off the Posterous/Photos import as well. The pictures there are not great, and this main blog will be gray if I separate out all the pictures. Perhaps I should use categories to set up a stream of the better photos. 

AuthorPatrick LaForge