Podcasts have only gotten bigger since I first started compiling these lists


Here's what I'm listening to. 

Do By Friday and the after-show, as well as Back to Work, Reconcilable Differences and Roderick on the Line. All feature Merlin Mann with various co-hosts: Alex Cox, Max Temkin, Dan Benjamin, John Siracusa and John Roderick. 

I also listen to Roderick (frontman for The Long Winters) and Benjamin on Roadwork. I've listened to a few episodes of Omnibus, Roderick's podcast with Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings. 

For comic relief lately, I've gotten back into the granddaddy of buddy humor podcasts, Uh Yeah Dude, with Jonathan Larroquette and Seth Romatelli, and I enjoy Jordan Jesse Go, with Jesse Thorn (of Bullseye on public radio) and Jordan Morris, and guest.

If I don't have any episodes of those I turn to Judge John Hodgman and My Brother, My Brother and Me with the highly prolific McElroy brothers (they have several others worth a listen). 

When I want some nerdy book, comics, movie and TV show recommendations, I dip into Snell's long-running pop culture panel show, The Incomparable. And sometimes I binge bad movie commentary from The Flop House.

Another binge-worthy show, good for driving with the family, is 99% Invisible with Roman Mars. 

For Mac-related tech stuff stuff, Upgrade with Jason Snell and Myke Hurley, Accidental Tech Podcast with Siracusa, Marco Arment and Casey Liss, and, occasionally, MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte and a changing cast. Sometimes I'll listen to Mac Power Users if the guest looks interesting. From time to time I'll binge John Gruber's Talk Show.

For news, I recommend The Daily with Michael Barbaro and other New York Times journalists, and Trends Like These, with Travis McElroy (one of the brothers) and Brent Black, which tells you about all the stupid stories of this stupid age that are trending on the internet. 

If you're using the iOS Podcast app, you're listening like an animal. Don't do that to yourself. Try Overcast. The speed settings can really save you hours of time without damaging the listening experience, the discovery functions are great and you can easily create smart playlists. 

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AuthorPatrick LaForge