At The New York Times, I lead the News Presentation staff, which includes a variety of editors: copy editors, digital producers and researchers. I also work with other editors to maintain the newsroom stylebook.

The best way to find me is on Twitter, where I am happy to respond to civil comments.  

You may also subscribe to my updates on Facebook, add me to a Google+ circle, follow my Tumblr, take a look at my annotations using Genius, check out my playlists on Beats, see what I'm reading on Goodreads, stalk me on Foursquare, see some of my photos on Instagram and watch me do very little with Ello, and this blog. Modern life is exhausting, isn't it?

If you have a complaint or correction about something in The Times, please write to the official newsroom email, The editors there will see that the matter reaches the appropriate people more quickly than I could. 

If you are a copy editor or assignment editor with several years of experience with deadline news (digital, print or both), send a résumé and references to my attention at I am not involved in hiring writers or reporters (those jobs are posted here). 

Please do not send job inquiries or story pitches to my personal accounts. 

If you do send me an email, or tweet at me, and I don't reply immediately, or at all, please accept my apology in advance and don't take it personally. If I answered every single inquiry in detail, I'd never get anything done. 

AuthorPatrick LaForge